Thank you for choosing Curbs Unlimited. Please note the following care instructions are to further satisfy you with your new curbing.

  • Make sure to keep pets, children and all people away from your new curbing for at least 24 hours. Although, it will be hard to the touch at this point the curb will not be completely cured for another 28 days.

  • Do not step or walk on curb for at least the first week of the curing process, as cracking can result.

  • Sod laying, sprinkler work and landscaping can be started 24 hours after installation, however is not recommended because the curb is still setting up and doesn't have much strength.

  • Caution must also be taken towards shovels, picks and wheel barrels because they can damage the curb while it is curing. If possible wait one week before doing any work around freshly poured curbing to prevent damage.

  • Never allow vehicles or tractors to drive over the curbing as damage WILL occur. Curbs Unlimited is not responsible for damage done by homeowner's or landscapers. If you have a landscaper working for you, caution Him or Her about protecting the curb from damage and warn them that the curbing is freshly poured.

  • Efflorescent (white powder substance) may appear occasionally. Although it is unsightly to the eye, it is not damaging to the curb. It is caused by well water from your sprinklers and rain storms. If needed, a solution of 50/50 vinegar water with a light brushing will remove the efflorescence.

  • During the curing process you may notice a splotchy look on your curb, this is normal. Your new curb is just going through the curing process and moisture is escaping out of the curb.

  • After the curb is installed, there will be excess concrete between the curb and the grass that can be picked up by the homeowner or left in place.

  • Since we have not included a trip charge in the price of our curbing, we ask that the homeowner take a few minutes to do so if needed. That excess concrete is all cut away from the curb so it can be picked up and thrown away once dry. It is difficult for Curbs Unlimited to remove the excess while the concrete is still wet, so please wait 24-hours before doing so.

  • Your new curb has a one year warranty against defects. If these defects occur, Curbs Unlimited (at their discretion) will repair the curb at no charge.

  • Cracking in concrete is common due to many factors, unfortunately Curbs Unlimited is not responsible for the warranty of cracks due to ground settling and movements. Compaction is part of the process on new construction installations. Depending on how deep the back-fill of dirt is, there could be some settling which would be out of our control.

  • If the curbing is damaged in some way, repairs can be made at the 100ft minimum charge, unless covered by our warranty. WARNING: It's important to note that making repairs is difficult on colored and stamped curb. It's impossible to get a perfect color and stamp match. 

  • Curbs Unlimited is also not responsible for any damage to sprinkler lines, sprinkler heads, telephone lines, cable TV lines or any other buried items. It's the homeowners responsibility to flag these area.

Thank you for taking the time to read the after care and warranty. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Curbs Unlimited . We look forward to doing business with you !              

After Care & Warranty

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